Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exactly What's Happening Here?

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

I bet this photo conjures visions of a laundry room under water. But no. That's not the Maytag Repair Man, though it is who G Lady would call for household repairs. - Have to keep those artists working.

And that picture to the right? No; it's not a shot from "This Old House."

And finally the one just below to the left is not one of Santa's elves working the "naughty & nice list," though she's likely on the same pay scale.

Instead these and the following pictures are the anatomy of a dress rehearsal - in this case for "Rumors" which opens this weekend at Seacoast Repertory Theatre.

The COP at the top is C. Emerson Kelly. The next shows "Rumors" set designer Erik Diaz and director Jonathan Carr discussing a door issue. (Pretty impressive set hum)?

And the lady draped in blue light is stage manager Heidi Garcia keeping "Rumors" rehearsal on track.

Speaking of rumors this photo to the left won't help squelch those circulating about Tobin Moss. Word is Tobin abandoned his role as the obnoxious cousin in "All the Rage," for the last weekend run at the Players' Ring for the company of a little sweetie.

Look for yourself. Do picture lie? No. That IS a little sweetie.

But it's Megan Quinn who plays Moss's wife in the SRT production.

Oh and by the way, if you step over to the Ring, you'll find Dan Beaulieu covering Moss's part - or role. You know what I meant.

Here's the rest of "Rumor" cast hanging out in the green room waiting for call.

To our left, back on stage together for the third of forth time, Ed Batchelder and Carolyn Hause. Maybe you remember them from "Christmas Story?"

On our right is the ever lovely Lauren Sowa, with the always wild and crazy Christopher Bradley, (Oh, get over it Steve Martin. He is that good).

As you can see this is a talent-packed production. That means expectations are high. The pressure is on. Don't mean to make anyone nervous or anything - but we're expecting great things.

This last duo is Gardner Campbell and Crystal Korabek respectfully, newbies to the Rep stage. I plan on hitting the show Friday night to see how they hold up to against this strong collection.

And finally, the gentleman below, all alone in the dark, lit only by a computer screen, is Mike Condon, lighting designer.

Not pictured, costume designer Maura Suter, who also sat alone in the dark (but not forlorn) taking notes, tweaking details.

And there you have it folks - the anatomy of a show days before opening, all the techs working their butts off while the actors lounge in the green room.

Put the pitchforks and eyeliner down! It was just a joke.

Well off to wash the gloves before the weekend arrives.
Yours in Art
Gossip Lady

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  1. Saw it opening night! GREAT CAST! GREAT SHOW! Go see it! You'll laugh out loud - I promise!