Saturday, March 21, 2009

Down for the Count - Your Turn!

Greetings Gossip Lover,

Well boohoo, Gossip Lady has the flu. And seeing as I’m in to “spreading the word,” not the misery, I won’t be heading out on the town.

So instead I thought I would invite you to send me a note about something YOU do or see this weekend.

And yes, I will post later this weekend. So many things sitting on the “get to” list. But today the couch and I will be reacquainted.

Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves!! Send reviews of something you’ve seen. A Gallery? Dance? Theater? Or were you rehearsing a show you think is coming together? Worked on a project that's looking good? Let everyone know. You be the fill-in Gossip!

I’m dying to hear – but of course.

Gossip Lady
PS: don't you just LOVE that hat. It's my "Florida," with matching purse.


  1. Just home from the Player's Ring! We really enjoyed "All The Rage!" There's one more weekend If you haven't seen it...Go!

  2. We are anxiously awaiting the opening of Rumors at The Rep next week! March 27th - April 26th!

  3. Made it to the Portland Musuem for the "back stage pass" show before it came down. Even saw local Joe Stevens who was featured in the show - great museum and cool city - and all sorts of restaurants. Liked
    the collection of images - even knew of most of the rock stars...since they were all from the 1970's!

  4. Don't miss the FINAL WEEKEND of "All the Rage" at The Players' Ring- 3/27 through 3/29! Even if you've seen it already-- come back and check it out again because this weekend Seacoast favorite Dan Beaulieu will be playing the role of Victor (played until now by Tobin Moss.) Call 603-436-8123 to reserve tickets for this hit comedy.