Monday, February 16, 2009

The Thread That ...

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well, that old adage is true; an artist’s work is never done.

Here’s Lisa Grey early last week prepping her work for the fiber/textiles exhibition currently up at the 100 Market Gallery.
And in the next photo: Lisa receiving the McLane Best in Show cash award from Jean Hurlbut.

Well, actually that’s Lisa’s husband Peter Hapney, (the blacksmith), accepting on her behalf.

It might have been a great moment in Portsmouth art history had Peter only kept his promise made earlier in the week to come AS Lisa.

But alas he arrived as himself, claiming none of her blouses fit; a great disappointment to those of us there to see the transformation.

That said Gossip Lovers - truth be known, (and eventually it always is), he’s a fine-looking man, lovely to be sure, but I suspect a rather unattractive woman. So, it's probably just as well.

The show’s Honorable Mention went to Suzanne Pretty seen below during drop-off, either making offerings to the art gods or prepping her work, not sure.

This exhibition is arguably one of 100 Market’s most amazing and intriguing. It’s incredible what a woman can do with a few strands of thread, a little fiber pulp, a touch of paint. Stunning.

Speaking of nice touches: the sincere comments by artists in attendance regarding the generosity of the gallery’s sponsor Michael Simchik and supporter McLane Law Firm was truly classy. – Note to all artists: We should always thank those supporting our efforts, who help stitch our lives together. But in these times? Need I say more?

Yours in perpetual gratitude to those who supporter the arts
Gossip Lady

(Yes, yes, that McCartin woman is associated with 100 Market.
But I decided not to penalize those involved by not mentioning this incredible exhibition because of her involvment.)

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  1. The two award winners are amazing artists. Each artist's body of work pushes the envelope of textile art from the usual idea of fabric art. Thank you for putting this show together 100 Market Street!
    This is a show of visual excitement!!!