Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pitchin' the Ring

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Oh where to start!

I can't wait to share some of the wonderful tidbits from last night’s Players Ring Production meeting, the annual pitch session for producers interested in a slot in the following year’s calendar.

Okay, some notables. There were no less than nine new hopefuls. One woman came with a slew of supporters to throw a hat in the hat – literally. Jennifer Cole pitched “The Hat” a musical of mixed genres including Reggae. Now that’s a new one. Most intriguing.

Ari Wilford suggested “Play On, Relationships” the first script penned by the 20-year old. Ari cracked us all up by reading his pitch-notes from his cell phone. LOVED the hat by the by Ari. Quite dapper.

One of G Lady’s truly favorite pitches came from Chrissie Penney (Christine to those that don’t know her from a brick in the wall). My apologies to the two others with wonderful ideas for the Christmas slot – BUT - “The Nightmare Before Christmas!!!” Oh yes!

I have an opinion on this and I'm not afraid to use it. It’s true the Ring traditionally presents deceased founder Gary Newton’s “Christmas Carol.” But maybe its time for a change. Bring us the Pumpkin King!

Virginia (Ginny) Towler – a newcomer - blew attendees away when she took to the stage and presented her proposal in Cambodian. After 30 seconds or so she switched to perfect, unaccented English. Definitely got everyone’s attention – clever little girl. Makes “Spooks and Gooks,” Ginny’s original play, all the more tantalizing.

And then there is Gary Locke. What can one say about one of the theater community’s most beloved loose cannons. G Lady was thrilled to see “the Locke” loaded for bear. He made it quite clear his “Hedda Gabler” would be no women’s activist darling. “She’s very *#%^ up,” he said. “Very dangerous.” We have no doubt that under his direction she’ll be that and then some.

John Herman proposed bringing Stranger Than Fiction back to the Tuesday night slot. It’s likely he’ll land that one, gossip lovers. He and his group of whack-a-dos, ( I mean that in the best possible way), are the only ones shooting for that day.

Okay, too much to do in a single post. Tune back in tomorrow to find out about some new Players’ Ring rules and the incredibly clever idea Dan Beaulieu submitted. – Most interesting I assure you.

Yours in behind-the-curtain fun,

Gossip Lady

You can get all the "pitchers" names in the Portsmouth Herald’s Sunday publication.

Pictures: top right: full house at the Ring; top left Ari Wilford & David Mauriello signing in; bottom left Ginny Towler.

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  1. Dear Gossip Lady, thanks for the exposure, and I love your photo!
    Very intriguing! Hat's off to you!
    Authors of "The Hat' (Musical)