Friday, February 6, 2009

Snip snip here, snip snip there

Hey Gossip Lovers,

Looky here.

Even Miles appears shocked at the locks.

Mr. Burns - an appropriate name given those curly reds - chopped his famous 'fro for his current role in "Forever Plaid," at Seacoast Rep.

G Lady just HAD to snap a picture; I suspect the sheared look is a fleeting one.

Something else that ended on the cutting floor were comments made by Broadway actress Andrea McArdle regarding Miles. G Lady and DC shot a Gossip Lady "Portsmouth Herald" video featuring Andrea when she was here performing at Ogunquit Playhouse this past summer. (Click here for video).

The segment on Andrea (whose Broadway credits include "Annie," "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Beauty and the Beast)," proved a favorite with fans. But what people missed were the sacrificed slices where Andrea went on and on about Miles, who played her boss in OP's production of "Les Miserable."

Andrea said "with that hair, and that talent, and THAT voice," there is no doubt he will make it in the business if he chooses to. Well Andrea, no surprise to the hometeam - who know him as the boy with the flaming hair and the golden voice .

If you want to see Miles in action, with three, equally exceptional voices, (Hey Joe Cooper, you know I love you), check out the "Plaid" video - OR better yet - get to SRT.

Yours in bragging about what we've got,

G Lady

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