Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sassy Moms & Those that Love Them

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Amy Palmer and I may not share the neat gene, (wait till you see how spotless this woman's home and art studio!), but the one for irreverence? Most definitely. And that is why I find her booze swigging, chain-smoking, lost-looking moms hilarious.

I sometimes wonder if those people horrified by Amy's warped sense of humor are harboring a real affinity for or are too similar to these characters. Hum. Things to ponder.

While I do that, why don't you click here, and check out the memorable visit DC (intrepid videographer) and G Lady made to the New Castle painter's home. We checked out her widely different forms of art and her hysterically funny and terribly irreverent new book on motherhood.

Oh, and drop back in soon. I PROMISE to post the most incredible group of photos taken during a recent Green Foundry pouring. Truly marvelous.

Yours in the love of arts
Gossip Lady

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kids on Fire

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well by now West End Studio Theatre is empty. But I suspect there's still a bit of partying going on in celebration of the season's final production by the New Hampshire Theatre Project's Senior Youth Repertory Company, (deep breath after that title folks) And who can blame them hum? They've worked hard. Created some fine art. And for seven, its the end of their time with the company.

I suspect those still partying-on are students and that "Hamlet's" Director Genevieve Aichele is home crying at the loss of her performers, which she announced to the audience were some of her all time favorite.

Well there can be no doubt that Gen had/still has, a great crew. There was some serious performances tonight. And as followers of G Lady's ramblings know nothing excites the gloved-one more than fresh faces in the seacoast work pool. Alas, some will be leaving us soon for college.

Luckily a fair number are still in high school, so we have them a while yet. - Yes, that's a sigh of relief you hear. We're talking some fine talent folks.

And yes it is a talented group. But I cannot help but single out a few from tonight's performance. Channeling that McCartin women again, (and again see previous story for an explanation).

Among them, those we're losing: Hamlet, Dan Kleinmann. He's heading to Fordham University in the fall, but not before playing Danny in Prescott Park's "Grease" this summer. Can't wait! Jes Marbacker, the ghost and grave digger, is off to Colgate University. And Gen is also losing Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins, who played Claudius.

Lucky for some of the notables are staying right here: Queen Gertrude, AKA Hannah Feintuch; Ophelia, Brigid Abreux and Laertes, Luke Gajewski. My guest just loved Punit Matta as Polonious, who's also here another year or so.Watch for these performers folks. It is definitely to your benefit. TRUST me!

If you missed this production - My sympathies.

I know heading to a youth production is a hard call when you don't know a kid in it. There's an assumption - amateur and all that. But keep in mind, half the folks in the Rep's exceptional "Urinetown," (see below), are barely out of high school and grew up on these stages. The Seacoast has sent its fair share on to Broadway, national tours and respected venues - at about these kids ages. They DO get there from here.

Again, one of the great wonders of a theater-rich community is watching these natural performers blossom.

My philosophy is see 'um before tickets to their shows are upward of $125 each.

Yours in magic of art

Gossip Lady

Hope you enjoy the photos, snapped during the after-play merriment.

Top photo: receiving flower: L to R: Dan Kleinmann, Gabe Dorfsman-Hopkins & Genevieve Aichele
Two girls: Nelly Nickerson & Marcela Dorfsman-Hopkins
Thumbs up trio:
Nelly Nickerson (back turned), Marissa Reilly & Jes Marbacker
Duo: Brigid Abreux, and longtime actor Roland Goodbody
Black-T clad guy: Dan Kleinmann
Bottom photo: Luke Gajewski

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Perfect Form: Urinetown

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Anyone that's seen my smiling visage since last night knows well what this entry is about because I simply can't stop talking about IT. What has that silly grin simply plastered on my face is the Seacoast Repertory Theatre's production of "Urinetown, the Musical."

I've avoided crossing this line till now, but for this instance I will. To do this show justice I've summon the spirit of that that McCartin Woman - my FRIENDLY gossip rival - to address the matter. Don't ask me how it's done, it involves a crystal ball, candles, a bribe and chant- but it's worth it to get her insight.

And the word is: according to that former decade-long theater reviewer for the Portsmouth Herald - this production hits the TOP 10 productions, if not top five (the reception was fuzzy) of the past decade.

I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with her this time.

The script - like all is a matter of taste, but it's unquestionably entertaining. I found the longer you sit with it the more sense and more profound its superciliousness becomes. Yes, I liked it.

But the production!? (Imagine me looking to the sky and slapping a white gloved hand to my chest). Just exquisite! Every single, solitary element of it. The set, costuming, lighting, props, music, every detail is unequivocally spot on. Nothing smacks of community theater here folks.

Now the acting.

Where do I start. Well, let me say it's such a strong ensemble piece I don't want to single any one person out, (Tommy Labanaris, Megan Quinn, Christine Dulong), because I think that would be doing the show an injustice,(Chris and Jamie Bradley and Merrill Peiffer), and that's the last thing I would want to do.

I suppose you've noticed those few names in the previous paragraph set off by parenthesise. Well, once you channel a person it's not easy to discontinue the connection, and that McCartin woman won't be contained. Sorry.

But let me say this - there are 19 performers in this production and I wouldn't remove a one. They all deserve to be mentioned. It is the strongest vocal, acting and dance collective I've witnessed in years - so says that OTHER woman as well.

And direction! (Imagine another slap to the chest and eyes cast skyward), simply heavenly. Kudos Mr.Bill Humphreys. Return soon!

Choreography? Also heavenly! So, Adrienne Maitland, hurry back.

Music? - Ah Kathy Fink and crew, you've done it again. Magnifico. And don't we just love a live band. (Great work Mr. Paul Erwin Musical Director).

Rob Sullin & Jillian Mitchell LOVE your set design, LOVE IT. Matt Guminski - your lighting? Special. Lauri Gagnon's props. Tops, (and disgusting).

Okay, so that's what you get when you channel a former theater reviewer. It's hard to put a lid on it. But then, I really don't care to. That's the thing about outstanding art, you just want to go on and on about it.

To Pee or not to Pee is the question the play poses. The answer I'm giving is to BE there and SEE for yourself. Killer theater folks.

Yours in the elation of great art
Gossip Lady

Top photo: Show shot taken by deck crew, from "inside the sewer" (or backstage).
Woman alone: Merrill Peiffer - could you die for that hair doo?! (thanks Chris Bradley for the behind the scene shot)!

Next series: performers emerging in the midday sun, Saturday, between shows.
First: Jennifer Sue Mallard, Miles Burns, Merrill Peiffer, sans pomp
Second: the "Brothers Bradley"
Third: a duo demonstrating their exhaustion Megan Quinn and Christine Dulong
Fourth: a trio of guys demonstrating being guys Tobin Moss, Andrew Bridges, Dan Beaulieu

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The News on the News

Greetings Gossip Lover

Well, once again I've donned a less than flattering hat all to make a point - and of course for your entertainment.

Perhaps DC (intrepid videographer) helped a little more than usual with the entertainment part of things. Get a load of this photo folks. G Lady is looking a little demonic don't you think?

But than when it comes to digging up the story DC and G Lady don't mind turning up the heat. And that's just what we did for the latest Gossip Lady Video.

First we'll take you on a short walk through the Portsmouth Herald/Seacoast Media facilities. But then G Lady turns the pen and pad on Howard Altschiller - aka the big guy, the Man, or the executive editor - to get the scoop on the state of the city's paper of record.

And how does Howard see the Herald fairing? You just might be surprised.

Oh and don't miss G Lady's advice on properly carrying, reading and posing with newspapers; some devilish tips.

Yours in spreadin' the heard word,
Gossip Lady

Kudos for the Homeboy

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well alas G Lady was unable to attend Dan Brown's private screening of "Angels and
Demons" at the Music Hall this weekend. Had the red hat for the carpet ready, but just couldn't fit it in.

BUT - and this is
why we refer to her as the intrepid DC; G Lady's stupendous videographer, was there, on the red carpet, snapping pics for the blog and the home-pod Portsmouth Herald, along with Gina Carbone, pop reporter + movie reviewer, who put together a super story.

There is a spectacular video by "the intrepid you-know-who" on the Herald site as well.

If you got a peek at the place, ( of course I went down for an early peek), than you know a mini, tasteful forest was create as a barrier around Chestnut St. to give the illusion of privacy. There were angels and gargoyles posted at the entrance as well.

Because I was unable to stay, I pointed the pen and pad
at my pal DC and told her to spill the beans. Here's what my buddy had to report.

When asked what other notables were in the crowd, DC said "Gina Carbone." True enough folks, true enough.

How was the man of the hour? "He was great, very personable and charming."
And the crowd? "Huge. The red carpet will need to be cleaned." Did DC feel a tad star struck? "Yeah, but not as much as when I see Gossip Lady." (Yes folks G Lady is blushing; but she loves it).

Was DC impressed by anything in particular? "By the head point guy, Tim - I think that was his name. He followed through on what he said he would do and that was to bring to bring Brown over when he arrived. ... The landscaping was amazing. They brought in all these shrubs and statues. It looked great."

And a few more notes from DC: "Dan arrived early and I'm really glad that I did the same. That would have really sucked if I would have missed him. ... I wish you were standing next to me Gossip Lady, to press his flesh with your white gloves. He would have loved you!" Well DC, wish I was there too. But duty called.

But absent as I was I still have a few words on the affair - as I'm sure you expect. And
that is: Dan Brown You Rock! Folks he could have had his event anywhere. But he kept it real and on the coast. Dan you ARE the man and bigger than the books you write - which of course is saying a lot. You deserve and get one of G. Lady's Gold Stars buddy.

Yours in knowing where you come from
& in the arts.
Gossip Lady

Friday, May 15, 2009


Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Oooooooo. Magical symbol.

Looks like some unearthed alchemists marking; maybe directions to another dimensions or at least a way to make tin into gold.

Well both are right in their own fashion, sort of. It's certainly a symbol for a group of alchemists, the Iron Guild a collection of metals workers and sculptor/ teachers, that do a traveling iron casting show. It's people practicing one of the oldest and most fascinating art forms.

A number of this magic folk, work-ring showed up at Sanctuary Arts' Green Foundry, in Eliot, Maine, which is run by two of its members, sculptors, and foundryfolk Josh Dow and Lauren Holmgren .

It was so interesting that I'm just going to let the photos speak for themselves. Truly, truly a magical process.

So here's the process from melting busted up iron radiators in a cupola, to catching liquefied iron in a "ladle," to finally casting (pouring) into molds.

It was exciting, exhilarating, and - well a good word to describe it powerful; the visuals, the process, and all those people in rugged attire.

You must admit, the rough-and-ready gear is rather appealing. Smokin' would not be an overstatement.

The Green Foundry is holding a pouring on August 15, that will be open to the public.

Listen to G Lady folks, even if you haven't a shred of interest in sculpture, any art form or a foundry - this is simply an exhilarating experience not to be missed, somehow touches the primal.

G Lady will definitely be returning. Liquid metal and men and women in leather? Pah-lease!

Note the final posted photo. That would be "fire in a bowl." Liquid Iron. True alchemy.

Yours, in love with the legacy of so many that came before,

Gossip Lady

P.S, Did you ever see G Lady's video on Green Foundry? Lovely Lauren and Sweet Josh took DC (intrepid videographer) and G Lady through the entire facility and explained what it is they do step by step. Fascinating I tell you. Utterly fascinating! Click HERE and scroll down the page to see it. Ta-ta for now Gossip Lover.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Belles Throw a Ball

Greeting Gossip Lovers,

Well, that McCartin woman is writing a review for the Portsmouth Herald on the Edwin Booth production of "The Belle of Amherst." I believe it's out Thursday in Spotlight. But I'm sure she doesn't have these photos -- well I know she doesn't, because I took them!

I just had to tell you this is definitely something you want to get out too. It's the first Booth production in some time - a year? Maybe two? A hole too large and long on the seacoast scene.

It's also likely the last work we'll see by Director Mary Lynn Ruth. She's moving out of the area. So unless someone is offering room, board and a check, we probably won't be seeing her again. . So, sad. This lady has given us some great work: "The Madwoman of Chaillot" and "The Road to Mecca" at Garrison Players come quickly to mind.

Anyway, I thought you Edward Langlois fans would like a quick peek at his set and the costume for Carol Davenport, who plays Emily Dickinson brilliantly in the one woman show.

Oh, some of you don't know Eddie ? Local boy, grew up in Newmarket, has run a number of theaters, Edwin Booth founder and is unquestionably one of the most inspired visual artists in the region, costuming and sets. Scrumptious comes to mind, theatrical, exciting, - I'm refering to his ART. This production Eddie played delicate and authentic, with just enough abstraction to take it to another level - per his usual.

So, at the top, a picture of the set. Second photo is Mary Ruth - (farewell fine artist), and to the left is Carol as Emily, taken by Sarah Lowe who has documented Eddie's work for decades.

Do go catch it, it runs through May 17. All the info is in that McCartin woman's piece on Thursday. We're talking Gem here.

Enjoy enjoy!
Gossip Lady

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Gang's all here

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well, were you there, or did you miss a swell shindig at the Gallery at 100 Friday night? People came and went throughout the evening, visited with one another, perused art, ate up all the goodies, and took in a great poetry reading by the new Portsmouth Poet Laureate, Mark DeCarteret. (Top photo).

It was a rare occassion for many reasons. For starters - you will NEVER never guess who was there. G Lady had to rub her eyes, but sure enough - the all-too-often, missing-in-action Michael Simchik, the gallery's patron put in an appearance. (It was his first in more than two years!)

G Lady heard a few gallery regulars say they were moving in for a closer look to make sure it wasn't one of those cutout stand -ins. But no. He talked. It was the real Michael Simchik.

So, here's some great shots by Marcus Gale, children's performer. (You know, married to painter Mary Byrom). (Sorry, I'm unable to do captions folks. But folks are mentioned in order of appearance).

First up, Charles Farrell, the gentleman to the left with El - the woman on his left, who is both a poet and his wife. Farrell is the exhibition's featured artist. I do think, from the look on his and El's face, that the Christopher Gowell sculpture put the moves on Charles - don't you ?

As you can see by this next picture she's clearly made amends, cracked a joke, smoothed things over and all is well.

Next, up, the Lovely Lesley Kimball, Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program co chair, who thanked Michael for his support of the PPLP.

She was followed by Michael thanking everyone that thanked him.

After that the crowd was treated to Mark's reading - (refer back to top, right photo).

What you can't see is Mark's lovely wife Anne, who was heard saying life had become hectic since Mark's appointment, and referring to herself as "the famous person's wife."

The next shot - I know you're thinking I've mistakenly slipped in a pre-battle still from the fight scene in "Gangs of New York." Nope. Please! Can you see Tess Feltes, the lady second from the left taking on - well anyone. Even a poet? ! What is she - 4-foot 11-inches, in heels, with her hair done up? Those kids in the back could take her!

No. It's not "Gangs of New York," just artists - writers and the visual kind - listening to Mark's reading.

The trio to follow starts with Neva Austrew, who took the "Best in Show, McLane Award. Next is Jean Hurlbut, gallery supporter McLane Law Firm, gallery liason, the woman everyone loves. She's the one who comes with the loaded envelopes. And finally Christopher Gowell who took "Honorable Mention" for the sassy sculpture mentioned earlier.

Thought I would include a little line up of Charles' collage .
Look below. It's the pic sans people.

Oh, by the by, the folks at 100 Market and the PPLP, are inviting writers to drop by the building and get inspired, write a poem based on one of the exhibited works, then attend the June 3, PPLP Hoot, sign up and read it.

Read or unread 100 Market will have a binder for poems on sight and keep adding to it throughout the three month show.

Well, I think that's quite enough for now, don't you? The party is over, but the exhibition is up through July, so mosey on over. On a nice hot day, great way to cool down. Raining? It's dry. Wander the halls unhurried, and take in the art.

Yours in wonderful things happening,

Gossip Lady

Disclaimer: THAT McCartin woman, the Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Gossip, is associated with the Gallery at 100 Market.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too Pee or not?

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

To pee or not to pee, that is the question starting this weekend at Seacoast Repertory Theater.

This young lad had a lot of thoughts on the matter, right down to how the question was posed, answers were inflected and songs was sung. Hard to imagine anyone would have that much input on urinating, but as director of the Rep's "Urinetown, the Musical" he does. Did. No probably still does. He's not off duty for a few days.

So who is this squeaky clean kid?

Think movie and documentary maker, actor, director, producer, and Maggie the cow's best friend.

Yup, that's the Oakhurst farmer himself Bill Humphreys, who happens to be an Emmy Award Winner as well. This is one of the times you'll see his end product rather than him, but if he's done the job right we'll be fine with that.

Want a preview. Check out this fancy schmantzy clip The Rep put together. Makes me want to go out and start a rebellion, or at least belt out a show tune. Either will do. I'll decide after coffee.

Well my friends, G Lady will be attending the show. This is one lady that hates unanswered questions. To pee or not to pee? The answer is ...

Yours in anticipation
Gossip Lady

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friendly Art

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Have you visited Portsmouth's own unofficial Outsider's Art Museum since it reopened last week? If not, you're in for a pleasant surprise, and one a little less thrilling.

The good news, is the Friendly Toast (museum of sorts) has acquired new works of art. I'm posting a few of my favs. But there's a lot more new/old, exciting work. A giant seahorse! You are just going to love it.

Alas the sad news is the city won't let the restaurant use its back kitchen's gas stove, which means no more home fries from scratch. The HORROR !!

What is a woman to do when in need of a greasy carb fix!? (Me thinks the little girl to the right shares my sentiment. I believe that's why I was drawn to her).

Word is the Toast is looking for a company that can fill its needs. Last taste-test they still hadn't found the ringer - but they are still on the job. So here's hoping they find their way.

Till then the art and the tofu scramble will have to sustain us.

Have you ever seen G. Lady's video at the Toast, interviewing Melissa Jasper, owner and curator. Check it out here: G Lady at the Toast. Just scroll to the eighth segment down. Melissa is SUCH a dear. And so sincere. Love her!!

Yours in search of a great spud & intriguing art

Gossip Lady

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Discover Portsmouth

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Just checking. Have you seen the latest Gossip Lady Video?
In this one DC (intrepid videographer) and G Lady meet with Richard Candee at the Discover Portsmouth Center.

Informative and as always fun!

Back soon; till then enjoy!
G Lady.

Friday, May 1, 2009

G Lady Communes with the Mannequin

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

You are going to love this one.
Did you catch that thrilling “Edelweiss Mannequin” article by Adam Leech in the Portsmouth Herald? Had to be the best laugh since the “The Red Ant Carnage of 2008,” – not that that incident wasn’t sad. Someone defaced art after all. But lucky for us Nathan Walker, its creator, saw the humor in the tale and allowed us a guilt-free chuckle, (video here). But I digress.

In the article Leech explains that the city has put the mannequin seated outside the Edelweiss Gift Shop in the Vaughn Mall on a three-month probation. The maxi Barbie’s crime? – Freaking folks out. Well at least a few of our fair city’s councilpersons.

Leech quotes Councilor Eric Spears as saying “…it kind of freaks me out actually;" to which Councilor Esther Kennedy responded, "I kind of agree with Councilor Spear. It kind of freaks me out, too."

By this we can gather they are “KIND of” freaked out; enough so to deny an assured year’s sidewalk squat for said mannequin. She’s there on trial basis. – Do you imagine they’ve set up a cam of some sort to record our reactions?

Well either way G lady needed to experience this menacing mannequin for herself – so hat on, gloves high, off I went.

And the verdict is? Oh PA-LEASE!


I got up real close and personal. She didn’t so much as bat an eye, squawk from a voice box or flex a trick finger. Nada. Two of my teen friends joined me. Their reaction? Mock shock. I documented it here for you to see.

Okay, so the shoes are admittedly a tad scary. But, truth is I’ve been more frightened by downtown hot dog vendors and you don’t hear me asking for them to clear the way for innocent unsuspecting pedestrian.

All I can say is – thanks for the laugh council-people. It was a good one.

By the by, after the event Mayor Tom Ferrini was over heard saying – with a clear smile to his voice – “on days like that – I truly love my job. And you can take that anyway you want.”

Yours in a great, shared chuckle

Gossip Lady

Photo: frightened girls: Emily Rheil and Kate Warren