Friday, August 6, 2010

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

So, it's still early. There's time to get out and about even before dinner or theater and - RIGHT now - there's a perfect reason to get a move on. So pull on the sneaks and hit the street, 'cause it's Art 'Round Town with a special feature.

Discover Portsmouth Center is taking part in the monthly gallery walk, ad is jam packed with happenings. You an catch the opening of "Bill Paarlberg: Illustrating Portsmouth" a thirty year retrospective. There's Bill's early illustrations, a number of current watercolors and even a chance to "become one with" his famous Portsmouth Monsters - bring a camera. The event features his latest monster as well. I made her aquaintnce and LOVED her! (And hurry, Dan Blakeslee may still be playing live!)

Then, just walk across the foyer to the Seacoast African American Culture Center for lots of reasons. First check out the incredible work by painter Cassandra M Gillens, one element in a multi faceted Gulag program/celebration.

You can also meet Susan Strickler - a lovely lady - and director and CEO of the Manchester Currier Museum. That kindly woman is loaning the center a contemporary work created by Portsmouth Richard Haynes and a group of young artists.

Do say hi to my longtime friend Vernis Jackson (SAACC founder). She's there with a big smile of course. Love that woman!

Finally head up the stairs to the second floor and catch the show by Richard.
G Lady arrived before the actual opening an dhte place was already hoppin'. Lots of faces from the re:Ports. years.

That's all I have to say. Have to get this out to you. Now go! Quick! And enjoy!

Your's in all things that broaden the mind and soul.

Gossip Lady

Photos: No. 1 The lovely Vernis Jackson and a piece by Gillens; an illustration by Paarlberg circa 1980s

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  1. Wow - the Arcadia Theater - I wonder how many other folk around here now remember going movies there on Saturday mornings.
    Chuck Galle