Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Continued

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well the post I notified you with earlier is on the previous page. Rushed that one out; no time to upload while trying to get the word out.

Here's the additional photos I promised. And again, as I load these there's still time to see the zombies lumber around downtown.

The parade rocked G lovers! Check out some of these all-age, zombie pics along with other creatures of the night.

Then stop to ponder how lucky you are to live in an area that has such an incredible tradition.

Thank you Thank you to all the parade organizers and all the people on the seacoast that deck out their homes, barns, and yards in the spirit of the season, making the seacoast the place to be for this marvelous, creative holiday.

Halloween-on Ghouls and Zombies.

Yours Truly
Gossip Lady

Zombies at the ready

(See previous post for more photos and about events happening after the parade - up till 4 a.m.!)

I can just hear THAT McCartin Woman singing "I feel a mask coming on," when she looks at these two. The drama! just gorgeous!

These two crack me up in comparison
(yes that guy on the left is the Portsmouth Herald's photographer Scott Yates, getting into his work. Always the professional eh)?


Greetings Gossip Lovers,

No time for words. If I get this out quickly, it might get YOU out, to catch the end of the Portsmouth Halloween Parade.

So here's some of what you're missing.

After I post this and send you all a note, I'll keep adding pictures for a while.

But, please, go see it in person. This was one of the most outrageously creative years of all - and yes G Lady has been there "since the beginning," so she knows of what she speaks! (as always : )

Go!! Now! It's SOOOO worth it.

Gossip Lady

Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick Halloween Solution

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

So, you've read the lower post and panicked. Halloween has caught up with you and you haven't a thing to wear. But now you want to get your Halloween on.

Gossip Lady and actress Whitney Smith to the rescue!

Just check out the latest Gossip Lady Video and find out how you can stick a hat on your head and call it macaroni - or any other off beat character you want to be.

In this latest VIDEO - expertly filmed and edited by the ever lovely DC - the ever effervescent and funny Miss Smith and G Lady herself will teach you a few tricks on how to put together a great character, so no one will suspect you're a last minute slacker.

Yours in the love of All Hallows Eve
Gossip Lady

(Check Whitney out in the Players' Ring's upcoming production of "Hedda Gabler"

Halloween Hustle

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Like to Howl on Halloween? Then check out this lovely lady on our right.

It's not her look that's hair raising. It's her schedule!

Mz. Chrissie Penny is doing All Hallows Eve up in a big way - and with the help of a few friends plans on taking you through "to the morning after."

I ask you folks, with a look like that who would DARE not do what this woman told them.

Anyway, in her personal version of a Halloween Marathon she will first scare the heck out of you in "Serving His Master" at the Players Ring, (9:30 show time). Immediately after that performance she'll haul it up to Rollinsford for a 12:30 a.m. show at Studio B789, where she'll scare the dickens out of you AND herself. (Mz. Penny is performing her first public singing engagement. That sort of thing tends to frieghten a girl).

The performer will be belting out "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" with the gentlemen to our left. Nope; that's not Tommy Gnosis OR the Wizared of Oz. That would be the Seacoast's own Aaron Hutto.

By the by, the B789 event starts at 8 p.m. with other live band performances and ends at 4 a.m.

Aaron and Chrissie will be backed by three bands: Midnight Radio, Catastrophic OK, and Good Freak Frank, (Nate Keyes).

While this gig is a concert, you can catch a full performance of "Hedwig," starring Hutto and who knows who else, at the Players Ring in 2010.

Just so my skittish readers don't get "a-scared," I'm posting pics of our two characters all cleaned up and looking pretty. - Calms you right down eh? - Though hopefully not too much, 'cause there's big doin's on the seacoast this October 31.

What ever your plans, start your night with the Portsmouth Halloween Parade.

Well off we go folks. So much to do; so little Halloween.


Gossip Lady.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Films, festivities and home

Greeting Gossip Lovers,

Do you know what's going on - RIGHT NOW- RIGHT HERE, in our town?!

It's the New Hampshire Film Festival of course.
There's films from the seacoast, the state, the country and the world.

There's works that well won awards in earlier, major fests, and yup, there's even celebs, Ann Kusak is in town, a grand juror, along with Mark Urman from Lions Gate Films, executive producer of "Monster's Ball," and Sean Finegan with Silver Pictures.

Our own hometown New Castle filmmaker Simon Harling, who wrote and directed "Drawing from Life" is supposed to be away at a residency with the Clews Foundation in France. He was and will be again . But he's flown home for the big Dos. The film's lead actress Katarina Morhacova is attending as well. Harling returns to France after the event.

And to think all you have to do is roll out of bed, walk a few blocks or drive a few miles and bask in the beauty that is film making!

There are lots of films that will really wow you folks. And don't you go thinking for one minute that if it has a local connection it is "home made." Some mighty fine filmmakers hail from here or have moved to the seacoast and now call it home. There's an incredible selection from area artist - get out there and learn something AND meet some very talented neighbors!

The event runs through Sunday, October 18, spread out through downtown Portsmouth.
Seacoast Rep, Muddy River, the Music Hall, Moffatt Ladd House and the Connie Bean.

So go on with you! Go to it Gossip Lovers!
Yours in for the love of art
Gossip Lady
(get the scoop at NH Film Fest)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hostage situation over; CELEBRATE TONIGHT!!!!

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

At 5 p.m. tonight catch the “Spontaneous Release Party” for “Haunted Cemetery of New England” by Roxie Zwicker, at PublishingWorks Exeter headquarters.

This celebration marks the end of an arts’ hostage situation. Just today, in the Portsmouth Herald's Spotlight Gossip Column, THAT McCartin Woman talks about how “Haunted Cemetery’s” printer wouldn’t give up the goods. (See column for details). But finally, in time for the holy month of haunts - it's making its way to us - as we speak!

Word is you can buy it pretty much off the back of the truck. Delivery is expected between 4 and 5 p.m., so the truck reference is real folks. Roxie will be there to sign, of course. AND THIS JUST IN (honestly, as I'm writing this it came over the waves). The first five guests will get a FREE copy of "Haunted Hikes of NH" by Marianne O'Connor. Can't beat that with a witch's wand!

I've been told that given the short notice – after all that’s what spontaneous is all about - the Exeter company will get addition copies signed so you can swing by later and pick up a copy.

So all you who love the ghosties and ghoulies, you may breath deep once again. Your spooks are in!

Yours in the love of October arts,
(don't you just LOVE this month)!

Gossip Lady

(Psst, latest G Lady video is up. Will talk all about it later today!)