Friday, April 30, 2010

Picture This

Greeting Gossip Lovers,

Well the Music Hall Lobby was PACKED last night for its latest Scene@Five, "20/20" featuring the photos of some of the regions top photogs including - yes - the Gossip Lady Video's own DC, intrepid videographer.

In a mere week we'll post a video of the event that just might give a glimpse of the elusive DC . Might.

Till that time here - to our right - is one of the incredible photos by DC on display at last evening's event.

The second one is by the daughter of THAT McCartin woman, - we can't hold that against the lovely Jennifer Belkus Goolkasian, (Aphrodite Wedding Photography) and so in a show of fair play one of her works is posted here.

G Lady tried to post works by other artists, kindly supplied by Chris Greiner, Associate Producer of Scene@Five, (thanks Chris). But alas she was unable to open the files. There was portraiture, architectural, scenic, boudoir images and other genres.

Perhaps I can roust up a few more picture over the next few days and post them for your viewing pleasure. It truly was SUCH a special affair. So sorry if you missed it!

Lots going on this week folks. Spring's here - so get a move on it and get out on the town.

Yours in art,
Gossip Lady.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spotlight on the Arts!

Greeting Gossip Lovers!

Been a long long - too long time. There's nothing to say but that winter whacked the old lady.

But I'm back, and glad to say, so is the Spotlight on the Arts Award. It happens this Thursday, at the Music Hall, 7 p.m. and it's free.

I'm already washing the gloves and putting some new fixin's on the hat. This is a not-to-be-missed event!

Here's a nutshell lowdown.

Cutie patutie Howard Altschiller, executive editor for Seacoast Newspapers, snatched the ceremony from the circular out-box and took on the job of overseeing what will likely be the best ever arts celebration this town has ever seen.

Lots of folk jumped on the volunteer bandwagon to make it happen, including the first Spotlight editor Dennis Wheeler, and this years cohost Jon Nolan and John Herman.

Portsmouth's own Zombies, led by Tara Walker Sullivan are performing, as will a quasi Michael Jackson impersonator, ( we use the term quite loosely).

There will be performances by the theater and music sector, Billy Butler is dropping by, WSCA will broadcast live, Deb Cram is supply some sweet visuals, Rachael Forrest will introduce a new Chef category - and well there's just to many happenings to list!

Some award categories have been altered or added to, and the nominee and final selection process has changed. For more on that check out the Gossip Lady Video by clicking here.

The point? Be there and share in all that makes this city vibrant and interesting as heckdom.

Remember: Thursday. Music Hall. 7 p.m. and FREE.

Yours in all that is art,

Gossip Lady