Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tooo long

Greeting Gossip Lovers.

I can't believe its been more than a month since I've written here. What a slacker!
My excuse? So much art, so little time.

I'll go into that more real soon - promise. But for now, have you seen the last two G. Lady videos?

No? Well get to it!

First there was that one with the punkers who just happened to drop by on a day someone else cancelled. Love these kids and so will you. Violin, guitar, voice and some adjustments to the bathroom sink. So meet up with Geoff Useless aka Geoff Palmer and Sarah Spaltrineri - that fiddlin' fool, (meant in the best way)! Just click HERE.

Then there's one with aerial dance/yoga/circus phenomena. Yes all done in the air on silk! Must be seen to be believed. This is simply STUNNING!

Click HERE to see the high-flyin' video, with Crissy Trayner and Carrie Tyler demonstrating Rasamaya Aerial Yoga with a heavy dose of circus.

So, get caught up folks, and so will I.

I'll be back real soon - promise!

Gossip Lady