Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Into the Woods

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

You all know – though I’ve tried to hide and deny – that G Lady is closely related to THAT McCartin Woman, who writes for the Portsmouth Herald and also happens to be a costume designer.

Well after much whining and cajoling I am allowing her to use G Lady’s blog to show off her latest costume designs for "Into the Woods" at Seacoast Repertory Theatre, and tout the production. (Mention this blog and get $5 off the ticket price)!

I will say; I took in the show myself last week, and must admit there are many, I repeat MANY exceptional performances in the production. It is billed as a youth production. Sorry that they did that.

It will likely turn some folk off - give them the wrong impression. Cause ladies and gents “Into the Woods” at Seacoast Repertory Theater is an exceptional show, with outstanding performers, mature performers, who happened to all be 20 or under. For once THAT McCartin woman and I agree.

Well here are some of the photos from the show. Yes, yes, yes, she designed the costumes. – She thinks of it as a one-woman visual art show that moves around on the back of professional animators – actors that is.

By the by, the stunning photos are taken by Joshua Gagnon, at

Yours in sharing the delights of art
Gossip Lady

Actors: (not in order of photos - match them up yourself by costume folks, I couldn't control the site - sorry.)
Red Riding Hood, Hannah Forsley (with fur)
Witch, Dominique Lessard (top and black gown)
Prince, Andrew Bridges
Baker's Wife, Mallory Rinker,
Evil Step sister, Kimberly Burke(horns)
Cinderella, Alana Thyng
Baker,Randy Blake
Jack, Michael Peele