Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Minute: LIttle Known Special FREE

Greeting Gossip Lovers,

Dropped by Seacoast Repertory Theatre last night to peek in on the "In To the Woods" rehearsals, (an all time favorite musical).

Much to my surprise something very different was being rehearsed. Something I hadn't even heard about . ME! G. Lady! Oh the horror!

Anyway, there in the dark was a handful of people, Merrill Pieffer, Craig Faulkner, Claudia Coznier, Chris Bradley, Demond Nason - and other alum and a few newcomers (Ryan Bates the adult Tiny Tim in its current "Christmas Carol" and longlost college pal Doria Bramante for example).

So tell me people, what does this collection of people have in common? Think now.
YES! Incredible voices!

And tonight they'll raise them up as "the Friends" in support of the Rep Youth Chorus Holiday Concert.

And get this. It's FREE. They'd love you to give a donation, but no need. At 7 p.m. you can just sashay in and enjoy some of the newest voices - under the direction of Miles Burns, Mr. Voice himself, and then a few tunes from the old pros.

I'll be there with hat and bells on!

Oh and if you hadn't heard, the Rep JUST added a performance of "Christmas Carol" for Sunday, at 7 p.m.- its last. Get a move on people.

Have a wonderful holiday all.
Here's hoping yours includes some wonderful art event - and lots of love.

Gossip Lady

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Greetings Gossip Lovers,

This little heartwarming fella has been warming the hearts of fellow seacoasters for years.

He's made us laugh, made us cry and simply entertained us.

Starting this weekend he'll warm our hearts once again. This little Ring Bearer is playing an iconic character at the Players' Ring through December 23.


Tinman at Prescott Park? Candle stand at the Rep? How about the devil at the latter?

Got it yet?

He's been performing on the seacoast for decades folks.

Final clue. A more recent role was as a full fledged human; Herbie in "Gypsy" also at the Rep.

This little cutie is none other than our Ed Batchelder, who performers as Cratchit in the Ring's current production of "Christmas Carol."

As soon as G Lady puts the keyboard down, she's off to gussy up and head over to the show. I hear director Rob Scullin has put a spin on the piece, putting Scrooge's sexuality into question.

That McCartin woman quotes Scullin in her "Spotlight" Gossip Column as saying he's not pressing the point but making it. Intriguing don't you think? Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

See you there??

Yours in creative interpretation.

Gossip Lady

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Times running out!!

G Lady's list:

Button Factory Open Studios - check (open through Sunday night)
Secured tickets for "Christmas Carol" at Seacoast Repertory Theatre - check
For "Christmas Carol" with a twist at Players Ring - you betchya

Waiting by the door in hat and gloves till it's time to head out for tonight's performance of "Striking Twelve" at the Music Hall - Without a doubt!!!

Gossip Lovers:

Do not. I repeat - do not - miss this. If you love a great story, intelligent, witty lyrics, music the gods pass the time with, well - I said it last year and I say it again - GrooveLily, the band that makes this happen, is NOT TO BE MISSED!

This is some of the finest, tightest performance/band/musical (jazz, rock, pop and showtune) in one cohesive, delightful tale. The Music Hall has it listed as the "anti-holiday show with Seinfeldesque humor."

I'm goin' with the latter and questioning the former. Sure it has a disgruntled guy tired of the holidays, but this show shows more of the season's original intent than most. It's touching, funny, interesting and thoughtprovoking.

All that AND some of the finest musicianship you're likely to catch anywhere, anytime, holiday or not.

Okay I'm gushing. But I'm doing it for your own good. It's true. Do yourself a favor. Catch this one-night show tonight - then let's consider launching a fan club ?

Yours in art and love of GrooveLily
Gossip Lady