Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time Sensitive

Greeting Gossip Lovers,

Well, it's time to get a move on folks. Today is the last day of a number of happenin's. "Telluride by the Sea" at the Music Hall is winding down; at 4 the fairies fly on, (see story below, AND click HERE for a video of GLady cavorting with the wee ones), and its the last night for the Players' Ring's first show of the season "Crush Depth."

Oh there's plenty more afoot , check out the "Spotlight Magazine" for listings - Bottom line, get up OFF that bottom and enjoy this spectacular fall day on the seacoast!

Over the next few weeks we'll talk about The Rep, (already showing "Altar Boyz)," Pontine Movement Theatre, NH Theatre Project and other venues launching their seasons. But I figured today, the last of the Ring's, 2009/10, first-show run, was a perfect day to share some photos of "Things Yet To Come." (Ouuuu, saying that makes me want to run out and buy a big red robe and a holly wreath. - But I digress).

So cast your eyes on these beauties. They were taken at the Ring's season preview , which offered snippets of coming attractions.

G Lady consider making you take the pictures along to the
Ring so you could match them to the plays throughout the season. But instead I'll post their ID's below; make it easy on you - SINCE -you'll be busy running from art event to art event - right?

Creative Be!
Gossip Lady

#1 Jeff Bernhardt & Danica Carlson in "Serving His Master"
#2 Gary Locke in "Santa Come Home"
#3 Helen Brock, in "Dix Tableaux"

Friday, September 18, 2009

FAIRIES (and fish and films)

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Tomorrow the town will be filled with people heading to the Music Hall’s “Telluride by the Sea” and the first ever NH Fish and Lobster Festival or “Fishtival” at Prescott Park.

Some of those folks will likely be teeny tiny ones – itsy bitsy even.

Yes folks, this is the weekend when the fairies descend on our city on their migration south for winter vacation, and spend a few nights in Portsmouth’s South End in what's called the "Fairy House Tour."

“I’ve already been contacted by the head fairy, and they’re making their way back to the Portsmouth now,” said Ben Anderson, Prescott Park Arts Festival Executive Director, earlier this week. “They called to make sure we have accommodations. So the crews are building the houses now.”

Alas, the wee ones arrive tomorrow and we’re still a few Lilliputian lodgings short.

So please join G Lady and the other “Friends of the Fairies” down at the park this weekend and help build a few more cozy corners for our little buddies. The last thing we want is for them to start bypassing Portsmouth for better logging in Biddeford, or Berwick or Portland, Maine, or who knows where else.

Here are a few examples of dwellings from past years designed and fabricated by Fairy Habitat Master (or Mistress in this case) Joi Smith.

She promises to create still more masterpieces for our wee friends this year. Will you? You can go simple or elaborate, they’re happy either way. So come on down and join the fun.

I’ll be there with wings on!

Yours Truly

Gossip Lady

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Learning to Laugh

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well have you checked out the last Gossip Lady Video? If not; get a move on!

In this episode G Lady keeps strange company AND learns how to yuk it up with the best of 'um, when she sits in on an improv exercise class.Umhum. Truth. I don't know how much any of the participants learned, but they sure proved entertaining during the process.

So click HERE, for a gander at Chris “Buj” Bujold from Stranger Than Fiction (area improv group, at, and Stranger's guest instructor Jill Bernard, (nationally renowned, Minnesotan performer and trainer) while they take others through their humor paces.

You're going to love this one folks!
Your favorite arts proselytizer,
Gossip Lady

Raining great art!!

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

I tell you folks this is a precipitation you want to be participating in; a downpour you will be down with!! Grab the superlatives and exclamation points, "Singin' in the Rain,"at the Ogunquit Playhouse production will have you in need of them all, because it truly is a bonanza of arts rolled into a single torrent.

I tell you G lovers this show is a heady art high. The costuming! Be still my heart. Oh, and set after wonderful set. The dancing? To die for. The leads? Marvelous. The ensemble? Terrific. And yes, that real, live rainstorm on stage with puddles and everything - fabulous!

If you like any element of theater arts, this one is bound to get you giddy. I have to say, G Lady has seen some fine shows of late, but nothing, I say nothing, with all the elements so perfectly in place.

There's only today and next week left folks. Pull on the rubbers and walk, ride or row, but get yourself to this production.

Did I mention the costuming? the sets? performances? .....

Yours Truly; High on Great Art

Gossip Lady