Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rockin' Rocky

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Oh my, so long. So sorry!

But I'll play catch up like a fiend folks.

Till my next (and very soon) posting you just HAVE to see the latest Gossip Lady Video. Oh so fun!

DC, (intrepid videographer), and yours truly, took a trip to the Planet of Transexual in the Galaxy of Transylvania. The characters there? Not to be believed.

It's the "Rocky Horror Video."

Meet Frank-N-Furter ( cutie patutie, John Pirroni) and his Handler (Merrill Peiffer), who tells all.

Enjoy, Enjoy!

Yours in a love of the unusual
Gossip Lady
(Don't you just love the new hat!)

(for a more indepth catch up with John, check out story HERE).