Saturday, February 28, 2009

Only a few More Hours!!

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well it's about 4:30p.m., last day of February, and Portsmouth is getting ready to swing into its nightlife guise; theaters, concerts, bands and the like. G Lady hit the town early and is back for a bit of nourishment before heading out to trip the light fantastic - in snappy sneakered and white glove fashion, of course.

Speaking of sneaks, you can bet G Lady beat feet to the Press Room (PR) when she heard it had a display of glittering sneaks. Take a look at these beauties!

These dazzlers along with other fantastic Mardi Gras items are currently on display. They're the work of the Room's GM and booking agent Bruce Pingree. Yes THAT Pingree, the inaugural Grand Marshall of Portsmouth's Halloween Parade.

Bruce says friends got on his case about sharing his cool shoes, killer umbrellas and fancy threads with the rest of us. Finally he acquiesced. Personally I think the well-placed umbrellas add a nice touch to the room and should remain year-round. When Christmas comes just add a few lights, a bit of garland and voila, "the Nightmare Before Christmas." But I digress.

If you didn't stop in for lunch you missed Larry Garland's Saturday, Jazz Brunch. But fear not. There's more to come.

Tonight you can take in Jose Zumbao Tres playing the music of Pat Metheny. Tomorrow its NYC Saxophonist Dave Pietro w/ John Lockwood(bass) & Bob Gullotti (drums).

May I make another suggestion?

I popped by Nahcotta gallery earlier today - wonderful, wonderful show. Think about starting there; see a few of these works in the flesh, or canvas so to speak. Then mosey to the Room for dinner and music. By the time you arrive Pingree will likely be back from his trip to the Portland Museum where he went this afternoon to see the "Back Stage Pass" exhibit. His friend seacoaster Joe Stevens has a photo in the show; so Pingree informed before darting out the door.

So, okay seacoasters dress up and "arty-on!"

Oh,oh, and by the by, did you hear the Room will have a Mandolin Festival next Friday night? I heard David Surette is the one that put it together. Rock on and thanks David! Can't wait.

Yours in the bounty.
(Could you be happier about the place you live in)?
Gossip Lady

Photos: Mr. Mardi Gras, Bruce Pingree; His dazzling shoes, then MG costume and umbrella.
Artwork from Nahcotta: L: Costa Brava by Debra Corbett,; R: "Kitty Daydreams" by Carla Sonheim.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Where were you?

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well I saw actors Tobin Moss , Ari Wilford, actress/make-up artist Claudia Koziner and lots of parents and friends in the audience - where were you?

If you didn't make it to the opening of Seacoast Repertory Theatre's "Aida" you missed the free food, not to mention a group of young actors to rival all those that came before them - including the cast of the 'youth theater legend' "Les Miserables," from some years back.

I'm telling you folks - this is one of the finest collections of voices around! Alana Thyng, Andrew Bridges, Taylor Lintelman, Randy Blake, Dominique Lessard, and DJ Ingalls, everyone of them has exceptional pipes AND can act.

I feel a case of Broadway comin' on!

So, move away from the computer and into the light.There's lot's going on this weekend. Dance, take in a band, enjoy an incredible musical, cruise a gallery. Participate in life affirming art!

That's it. Short and sweet. It's the weekend; SO much to do.

Yours in a tizzy of choices,
Gossip Lady

Photos: "Aida's" after party.
Andrew Bridges & Megan Quinn (assistant director);Andrew Flaherty, Alana Thyng & Randy Blake. Bottom:L to R, Taylor Lintelman, with mom; L to R: DJ Ingalls, Curran Russell, Alex Dorr, Camden Munson, Christopher Lalos; Sorry, bad lighting inside the lobby - but wicked good talent in the theater.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Stars, Two Photographers, We're all Winners

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Yes, I must mention theater again. But this time only as it pertains to the photography of these two lucky photographers.

Lucky you ask?

Well look at these pictures say I!

Just imagine it. A visual artist with actors as subjects. What bounty! All that passion. That fear. The anger, joy, jealousy, humor, despair, contrivance, pain - not to mention the great lighting.

Pardon me for going on - but it's hard to conceive of a more marvelous marriage. THOUGH;
there are other fine ones, such as the upcoming marriage between New Hampshire Theatre Project and Haley Farm Gallery in Kittery, Maine. (Bare with me. The tie-in will soon reveal itself).

The two are collaborating on a photography show (March 12-28) that features the work of Sofia Piel and Stephen Gianotti, taken of NHTP performers over the past 20 year period. (Delivered as promised, and sooner than you thought).

Just take a gander at these few samples. Utterly delicious, wouldn't you agree.

And get this Gossip Lovers; Haley Gallery’s Jackie Abramian will give all sales' proceeds AND donate a percent of any sales from the gallery’s usual stable to NHTP. Gold Star for the lovely lady! That goes well beyond collaboration. That's some real support.

The exhibition is in conjunction with NHTP’s “Entr'Acte,” another exciting event in celebration of the theater's surviving and thriving all these years.

Hum, makes you think that maybe Genevieve Aichele has been doing something right over there in her little corner of the theater world, with her shows and school programs and workshops and the like. – Well I say give HER a gold star too!

And in fact kudos and congrads to all of you. You make the art community proud.

Yours in appreciation and respect

Gossip Lady

Photos: top and middle, Piel; Lower photo Gianotti. Oh, and remember G Lovers, there can never be enough stars in the universe!
PPS: The guy in the center photo is no newcomer to the blog. Check out the January 21 posting. One of my favorite and another applaud for theater's visual artists.

What is Going On!?

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

I simply couldn't resist posting this.

So, who is it? And what is he doing?

Hint: He performed in an original G Matthew Gaskell play, during its second life at Seacoast Repertory Theatre.

Hint 2: He will play the obnoxious cousin once again, this time in the sequel, on stage next week at the Players' Ring. - And that my friends is a hint to both his character and activity.

Now: Please hum the "Jeopardy" theme here, then continue on.

The answer is ... (in "Jeopardy" style), Who is Tobin Moss?

And yes, Tobin IS holding a roll of toilet paper to his eye. That's called theater.

When you're in rehearsal, and all the props aren't in, you improvise. In this case the toilet paper is his video camera. A mighty fine one don't you think?

The original play was "Sharp Dressed Men," It's sequel is "All The Rage." (For a sneak peek video click here: "Rage)"

I'll definitely be stepping out for this one. And you?

Yours in Art Revelation

Gossip Lady

To the left: Tobin sans toilet paper. Kind of looks like he's in a prisoner's uniform doesn't it? Hum wonder if there's something he'd like to share.....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Players' Ring Part II

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

So here we are; Players' Ring Producers Meeting, Part II. (See Part I below)

Before I tell you about more pitches, let me enlighten you regarding the surprise announcements the Ring made.

Its board members announced two, new initiatives.

One; anyone in the season's line up must have a representative at the Ring's open auditions. Fair enough.

Two; (This is so exciting). They must also participate in the new "Season's Sneak Peek." This event will put presenters before the Ring's members, each offering a two-minute form of scintillating advertisement for their play; an outline, excerpt or some tantalizing tidbit.

If you've ever experienced one of the producers' nights you know just how entertaining this format is. It's really a wonderful idea don't you think?

Now, back to the pitch event.

A most intriguing idea was tailored to the Ring's annual Shakespeare slot. Dan Beaulieu - nice young man - proposed running two shows in repertory, “Hamlet,” and “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.” And there is more!

To add even more spice Dan proposes "R & G" actors learn both parts. Then each evening's audience determines who plays which role with an on-the-spot, coin toss . Well Gossip Lovers let me tell you there's no doubt Dan impressed those present. The question is whether he sufficiently impressed the Selection Committee . We'll all know together on April 15, the day the Ring announces its choices.

There was a second, ambitious in-rep proposal , this one by G. Matthew Gaskell, author of the popular "Sharp Dressed Men." In a matter of a week Greg, (as he's better known in the theater community), will premier "All the Rage," "SDM's" sequel, at the Ring. Gaskell would like to present the last of this trilogy in next year's season - playing all three each weekend of the run.

So my friends, as you can see, the evening was filled with marvelous ideas. To read the entire list check out The Portsmouth Herald's Sunday paper.

Oh, and before we leave this topic, let me say kudos to Mike Pomp for his apt handling of the timer and warning bell. He did a smashing job.

Yours in awe of the arts
Gossip Lady
Photos: top to bottom, Todd Hunter, board member; Dan Beaulieu giving the pitch; Susan Turner, pitcher and Mike Pomp, board member.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pitchin' the Ring

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Oh where to start!

I can't wait to share some of the wonderful tidbits from last night’s Players Ring Production meeting, the annual pitch session for producers interested in a slot in the following year’s calendar.

Okay, some notables. There were no less than nine new hopefuls. One woman came with a slew of supporters to throw a hat in the hat – literally. Jennifer Cole pitched “The Hat” a musical of mixed genres including Reggae. Now that’s a new one. Most intriguing.

Ari Wilford suggested “Play On, Relationships” the first script penned by the 20-year old. Ari cracked us all up by reading his pitch-notes from his cell phone. LOVED the hat by the by Ari. Quite dapper.

One of G Lady’s truly favorite pitches came from Chrissie Penney (Christine to those that don’t know her from a brick in the wall). My apologies to the two others with wonderful ideas for the Christmas slot – BUT - “The Nightmare Before Christmas!!!” Oh yes!

I have an opinion on this and I'm not afraid to use it. It’s true the Ring traditionally presents deceased founder Gary Newton’s “Christmas Carol.” But maybe its time for a change. Bring us the Pumpkin King!

Virginia (Ginny) Towler – a newcomer - blew attendees away when she took to the stage and presented her proposal in Cambodian. After 30 seconds or so she switched to perfect, unaccented English. Definitely got everyone’s attention – clever little girl. Makes “Spooks and Gooks,” Ginny’s original play, all the more tantalizing.

And then there is Gary Locke. What can one say about one of the theater community’s most beloved loose cannons. G Lady was thrilled to see “the Locke” loaded for bear. He made it quite clear his “Hedda Gabler” would be no women’s activist darling. “She’s very *#%^ up,” he said. “Very dangerous.” We have no doubt that under his direction she’ll be that and then some.

John Herman proposed bringing Stranger Than Fiction back to the Tuesday night slot. It’s likely he’ll land that one, gossip lovers. He and his group of whack-a-dos, ( I mean that in the best possible way), are the only ones shooting for that day.

Okay, too much to do in a single post. Tune back in tomorrow to find out about some new Players’ Ring rules and the incredibly clever idea Dan Beaulieu submitted. – Most interesting I assure you.

Yours in behind-the-curtain fun,

Gossip Lady

You can get all the "pitchers" names in the Portsmouth Herald’s Sunday publication.

Pictures: top right: full house at the Ring; top left Ari Wilford & David Mauriello signing in; bottom left Ginny Towler.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Greetings Gossip Lovers

Just a quick "Hats Off" to Penelope Cruz, always gracious, but last night so poignant. In her acceptance speech she said:

"Art has been and always will be a universal language."

Five gold stars for the star. She may not be local - but she's truly a sister.

Yours in "understanding the power."

Gossip Lady

Note to all: Do any of you remember Portsmouth's Irja Cilluffo's WWII story; a life experience that motivated her to become a key arts & culture supporter? I'll track her down, ask if she'll tell it again. Check back soon. It's a lovely tale that fills the soul. Ah, the power of art).

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A New Spot in Town

Greeting Gossip Lovers

Would you rent a room from this man? Well, I suspect lots of people will - and soon.

If you missed the breaking news in the Portsmouth Herald last week, Michael Tobin has taken over the Portsmouth Pearl as an independent contractor in the role of executive director. He's also owner/artistic director of Dramedy Productions, which will be the in-house theater.

BUT - and this is very important - Tobin sat down with G Lady (a very polite young man) and made it crystal clear The Pearl is an arts and cultural center, NOT his private theater. (Oh and still a function facility. Getting wed anyone)?

Michael is hoping other art concerns - including theater - will come running to sign up for one of the "very affordable " slots - a single concert or show, a full run, bi annual, etc.

All G Lady can say is I'm thrilled there's yet another venue in town.

Harbor Light Stage is already on the books for a few of its Bold Face Play Readings (next up "My name is Rachel Corrie," March 3).

Okay musicians, artists, playwrights, authors, production companies - there's a new space in town. Do what it is you do.

Oh, and that guy up there? He's gone with the decades that have passed since playing Claude in "Hair" at Seacoast Repertory Theatre. The current version is a lot less frightening.

So bring it on artists! More theater! More dance! More art!

Yours in creativity,

Gossip Lady

(You may know Michael as the director of the Prescott Park's "Oliver," the playwright/director/set designer/costumer/actor of numerous shows, notably Dramedy's signature production of "Christmas Carol," last seen at Garrison Players).

"What Decade Am I?"

Greeting Gossip Lovers

I know; you KNOW you know this guy in the glasses. The problem is you can’t remember whether he is a flashback from a high school dance, a recent hook-up, website date gone bad, or that friend’s little brother you regret not paying more attention to.

Far be it from G Lady to say it’s any one or all of those in your personal life. But I can say that’s not why I’ve posted him. The dude in the shades plays a big part in area arts. Know who he is?

While you consider that, let me go on about another issue. G Lady has recently received a flurry of inquires from flustered funkers asking for help in determining “what decade” they are. Eventually I ascertained people were all a twitter over the upcoming Prescott Park Arts Festival Dance Party, (March 28) - and came up with some advice.

Seems the fest - showing its schizophrenic side – told folks attire is anything mid 20th century: get-down in a get-up like this dude posted above, or go as your inner greaser paying homage to PPAF’s upcoming summer production “Grease.” Any eveningwear is acceptable as well.

Whatever your thread of choice you’re feet will move to the funk of Soul City at the Seacoast Harley Davidson show room – hence the ‘70s factors in.

Okay people. I feel your pain. But the calls have to stop. So here’s some solid, general guidance. Follow that mid 20th century adage and “do your own thing.” Let your freak hang out for heaven’s sake! Wear a pair of pearls with go-go boots and faux fur vest. And for the woman, try a classy evening gown.

Here are some great resources for creating the right costume: for the 1950s try this site; be sure to click around.

For the ‘60s & more ‘50s hit this one. And finally for the '70s go here. One thing is sure, they're all great for a good laugh.

It will be interesting to see what the dude with the bandana decides on considering he wore this ensemb in 1995 as a junior in high school. Oh, he’ll be there all right. That’s Ben Anderson the fest’s executive director. (see below).

Yours in white gloves - whatever the decade!

Gossip Lady

Another note to ponder: Never been to a fundraising event; or at least not one outside your personal, favorite nonprofit? Folks these are great ways to get to know neighbors and support local arts and social issues. Bring a pile of friends and let someone else provide the party! mingle or don't But give to your community while getting a great experience.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nectar of the gods.

Greetings Gossip Lovers

Don't miss Gossip Lady and DC's latest behind-the-scene video venture,
at the Portsmouth Herald site.

This time we tapped on the private kitchen door of chocolatier extraordinaire Susan Tuveson and joined her in a mixup of opera and the dark treat.

Of course we stopped at Cacao, her Kittery, Maine, shop, for a treat on the way out.

All and all a MARVELOUS day.

Yours in sweet treats
Gossip Lady

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who is the Dude in the Pink Shirt?

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Have you ever seen a cuter cutie patutie? Doubtful.

This former New Jersyite has been working our stages since 1991. Here he is in his pre doctor and theater days.

So who is this 8-year-old, dapper dresser (who tends to don darker threads these days)?

Well you've seen him as a devoted son, a murdered husband, a drunken preacher, gay drunk and swishy art dealer. Currently he's Joe, a dying man in "The Shadow Box," a Generic Theater production at the Players Ring.

Figured it out yet?

Oh and by the way, you can catch Peggie McCarthy and Cary Wendell in this same production performing as husband and wife - which isn't much of a stretch. It happens to be their real life roles.

So, the cutie patutie? It's Dr. Richard DiMario - of course - still a mighty good-lookin' guy. So, get out and see him in the flesh.

Take a look at this week's "Portsmouth Herald Spotlight." There's a plethora of great things to do and see this weekend. So get up off of that couch!

Yours in delightful tidbits

Gossip Lady

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Thread That ...

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Well, that old adage is true; an artist’s work is never done.

Here’s Lisa Grey early last week prepping her work for the fiber/textiles exhibition currently up at the 100 Market Gallery.
And in the next photo: Lisa receiving the McLane Best in Show cash award from Jean Hurlbut.

Well, actually that’s Lisa’s husband Peter Hapney, (the blacksmith), accepting on her behalf.

It might have been a great moment in Portsmouth art history had Peter only kept his promise made earlier in the week to come AS Lisa.

But alas he arrived as himself, claiming none of her blouses fit; a great disappointment to those of us there to see the transformation.

That said Gossip Lovers - truth be known, (and eventually it always is), he’s a fine-looking man, lovely to be sure, but I suspect a rather unattractive woman. So, it's probably just as well.

The show’s Honorable Mention went to Suzanne Pretty seen below during drop-off, either making offerings to the art gods or prepping her work, not sure.

This exhibition is arguably one of 100 Market’s most amazing and intriguing. It’s incredible what a woman can do with a few strands of thread, a little fiber pulp, a touch of paint. Stunning.

Speaking of nice touches: the sincere comments by artists in attendance regarding the generosity of the gallery’s sponsor Michael Simchik and supporter McLane Law Firm was truly classy. – Note to all artists: We should always thank those supporting our efforts, who help stitch our lives together. But in these times? Need I say more?

Yours in perpetual gratitude to those who supporter the arts
Gossip Lady

(Yes, yes, that McCartin woman is associated with 100 Market.
But I decided not to penalize those involved by not mentioning this incredible exhibition because of her involvment.)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Creekman Cometh

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

So first it was Drop Kick Murphys' Al Barr fixing G Lady's commode. (Yup we have the video).

Now she has a popular, master prop man taking on the kitchen pipes. Can you name this actor, techie, playwright, and maker of working wings beneath the sink? (Answer below).

And in case you missed G Lady's latest video just follow the "Troubadore Merman link" to join DC, intrepid videographer, and G Lady at Gary Sredzienski's Kittery, Maine, home.

Then follow us as we see the accordion warrior/merman off creek side, as he takes to 34-degree water for his daily dip.

It's most definitely a swimming segment!

Yours in delightful snooping

Gossip Lady
Oh, and that's Stan Zabecki. Thanks Stan!

Harvesting the New Crop: "Aida"

Well Gossip Lovers,

I'm here to testify!

One of life’s true delights is watching young performers move from the kiddie to main stage show. What's not to love about a journey that starts with those squeaky to boisterous voices, frozen or overly animated visages - stares into the audience? Ahh how we audiences love that hum?

Last night I was lucky enough to catch a rehearsal of Seacoast Rep’s Mainstage Youth Production – “Aida.”

Initially I was a tad confused by the addition of a Coughing Chorus till I ascertained it wasn’t part of the act – 18 out of 22 performs were sick. Really sick!


Ill as they were there was nary a squeaky voice or frozen face among them. The majority of these young thespians are well beyond that stage; many now as capable as performers twice their age - the result of years performing "snowflake," "gypsy girl" and "toad boy."

This annual production – THE big, open-audition show for area youth - is definitely showcasing some of the community’s recognized best and recent breakthroughs.

And let me just say G Lovers, nowhere is it more evident then in a rehearsal of this kind that art is a craft to be studied and worked but also simply enjoyed. The talent was evident - AND they were clearly having a ball between sniffles.

The Seacoast has seen its fair share of youth performers go on to Broadway and national tours. This is just the sort of event that let’s you see who has the right stuff.

Who do you think is going the whole way from the latest harvest, hum? I’ve already marked my ballot : )

Off to wash my gloves.

Back soon
Gossip Lady

(P.S. catch a full profile of actor Andrew Bridges by that McCartin Woman, February 28 in the Portsmouth Herald Entertainment section).
Photos Top to Bottom, Left to right:
#1 L to R: Megan Little, Taylor Lintelman, Kimberly Burke
#2 Alana Thyng (standing) & Taylor Lintelman
#3 DJ Ingalls (standing) & Andrew Bridges
#4 Dominique Lessard, Devin Scott, Meghan Morash, Taylor Lintelman and Megan Little
#5 Megan Little & Alex Dorr

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Man In Tights - Remember Him?

Hey Gossip Lovers,

Remember Him?

Well, nearly two decades later he's still donning the tights.

“Costumes, boy have we got costumes,” says Mark Fleisher. True enough, says I.

Check out Mark in his fancy threads in the video for “1001 Nights,” with Festival Ballet Providence in Rhode Island. He’s one of the two gentlemen in white in the hallway. But of course Fleisher's in white! Note the hat color to the right. If you remember him, you remember it's earned.


“The production is very grand and very Russian. Costumes and sets designed and produced in St. Petersburg, Russia, by the same folks who work for the Kirov Ballet … There's also a flying carpet.”

Fleisher, of our fair city, is a former dancer with Ballet New England, (1987 till 1997). The picture above was shot during those years. He started working with FBP when former BNE Artistic Director Mihailo (Misha) Djuric (1991 - 1997) took the AD position with the company.

That's Misha on the left. Beautiful accent. Great art. Remember?

When I ask Mark why he’s on the boards after recently swearing he was done as a dancer he says, “Ahhhh, it's just a walk on! No dancing whatsoever! …In this one I am one of four carrying a litter on stage, and off stage. …The easiest role I've ever had!” But nonetheless a snappy dresser says I.

Yours in love of a well-dressed man,
G Lady

Friday, February 6, 2009

Snip snip here, snip snip there

Hey Gossip Lovers,

Looky here.

Even Miles appears shocked at the locks.

Mr. Burns - an appropriate name given those curly reds - chopped his famous 'fro for his current role in "Forever Plaid," at Seacoast Rep.

G Lady just HAD to snap a picture; I suspect the sheared look is a fleeting one.

Something else that ended on the cutting floor were comments made by Broadway actress Andrea McArdle regarding Miles. G Lady and DC shot a Gossip Lady "Portsmouth Herald" video featuring Andrea when she was here performing at Ogunquit Playhouse this past summer. (Click here for video).

The segment on Andrea (whose Broadway credits include "Annie," "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Beauty and the Beast)," proved a favorite with fans. But what people missed were the sacrificed slices where Andrea went on and on about Miles, who played her boss in OP's production of "Les Miserable."

Andrea said "with that hair, and that talent, and THAT voice," there is no doubt he will make it in the business if he chooses to. Well Andrea, no surprise to the hometeam - who know him as the boy with the flaming hair and the golden voice .

If you want to see Miles in action, with three, equally exceptional voices, (Hey Joe Cooper, you know I love you), check out the "Plaid" video - OR better yet - get to SRT.

Yours in bragging about what we've got,

G Lady

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Extreme Yoga

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Do you know where your Yoga instructor spends his or her spare time?

Well this one just hangs around - literally; oh and she happens to do an occasional strip tease, a funky dance and whatever burlesque, vaudeville or cabaret move comes to mind.

Carrie Tyler, of Dover Yoga & Dover Pilates, also moonlights as the artistic director of Tricycle Dance Company, which does all those forms of art, along with modern dance, tap, stilting, and spoken word in its cabaret/burlesque style productions. Pictured here is Carrie performing an aerial fabric dance.

Want to learn more? See more? Well THAT McCartin Woman will have a profile in the Portsmouth Herald on Feb. 14 that describes Carrie's path to classy stripper and mistress of movement. Then that evening you can catch Carrie and Tricycle performing at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm, South Berwick, Maine.

These photos make you wonder about the benefits of Yoga don't they?

Carrie actually teaches a form of Yoga with Rasamaya (another of her businesses) that includes Yoga on hung cloth called yoga flying .

And you think you live in a provincial, New England community. PAH!

You just have to get out more.

Hope you enjoy these scrumptious photos.They hit the right spot on a cold winter day eh?

Before I let you go, check out the latest Gossip Lady video for a great interview and peek into the house and head of Gary Sredzienski, the cold-creek-swimmin', accordion-playin' man.

Yours in scrumptious art
G Lady

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teeny Tiny Wonderful

Here's another early peek Gossip Lovers!

I heard about the upcoming Teeny Tiny Exhibition at Three Graces and dashed down early to see how it was shaping up - maybe tell you what to expect. And what I can tell you is WOW. I just LOVE this show, quirky, smart, sophisticated, fun and nothing over $400!

Anyway, owner Kim Ferraro, whose eye has definitely become clearer (and ever cooler and more discriminating) gathered works from artist throughout the US and Canada. Much of it is fantastical and fun. But let me say, no more so than Kim's own images. While she wanted me to snap the works of others I was compelled to capture her's for the blog. I simply fell for it!

The show is up Feb. 6 through March 3, and runs in conjunction with Nachotta's Enormous Tiny Art Show. Don't you just love when art orgs collaborate!

Yours in art
Gossip Lady