Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who is that witch & mobilize for art

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

So, who is the little cutie-patutie to the left (snapped pre mover and shaker era)?

Hint 1: The toddler's Halloween witch costume proved an "omen." Many in the art & culture community would credit her with serious feats of magic.

Hint 2: Word is she's cast a spell over employees, board and supporters. They believe she has a knack for seeing the future, and are willing to follow her there.

Hint 3: (And pretty much a give away), leads a major arts concern.


Okay before I tell you who it is here's a quick bit of news. Mark Fleisher, former Ballet New England dancer and admin, wrote to hand on a bit of important news. Mark is getting the word out about a petition that urges the Senate to include arts and culture concerns in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. Perhaps more so than in most regions the Seacoast recognizes art and culture as business; one that helps generate revenue for others around them.

But alas, there seems to be others in the dark on the matter. Last night G Lady was shocked to hear national politicians call money for the arts a waste, and pork barrel. Okay, listen up Washington. Ask the employees of said art organizations, and the ones at nearby restaurants and businesses that benefit from the art concerns product if arts' pork. In these parts it's called bacon on the table! Enough with this. Read the research! There's plenty that verifies art stimulates economy.

So gossip lovers - get those fingers flying and send a message to Washington ASAP: art belongs in the package. Contact Senators Judd Gregg and Jeanne Shaheen and tell them we need their vote! You can make your voice heard at:

Also, our Senator Gregg is on a key committee debating President Obama's economic plan. Call him at 202-224-3324. Ask him KINDLY to support Obama's critical investments in education and the arts.
So back to the fun trivia question. Who is that tiny witch? Patricia Lynch, Executive Director of the Music Hall, founder of "Writers on a New England Stage," "Intimately Yours" and the lady that leads the venue's physical and art charge into the future.

Sorry, she can't wave her wand and pass that bill. Sign that petition!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bruce Pingree doing WHAT?

Greeting Gossip Lovers,

Well this is a sight to behold hum? Here lies one of the well meaning who's getting his do
for what he's done. Or maybe its because of a more recent move. Read on Gossip Lovers!

The Black and White below depicts Larry Simon BEFORE he had his great idea for a jazz and poetry festival. The guy passed out on the floor is also Simon, snapped last week, just months before the fifth annual Jazzmouth - the festival he founded.

Simon says the additional, average 3 1/2 hours a day on top of a teaching job and home life are taking its toll, (obviously). His wife is saying the same thing he adds. Loudly.

So what’s a guy to do? Add to the event of course. You can learn more about all that in that McCartin woman’s Spotlight Gossip Column next week. But for now – here’s proof Larry is coming unhinged.

One of the new events is “Poetry for Kids” at G Willikers the week before the official festival. And you’ll never guess who is working it with him. Bruce Pingree, Press Room manager, radio DJ and music aficionado

Now pause and ponder that a moment. Lots of tiny, noisy tots and Bruce Pingree.

Let’s just say Bruce isn’t what you’d call Mr. Warm and Fuzzy - cool and smart to be sure. But kid cuddly?

When asked why he chose Bruce Simon LAUGHS. “He’s going to terrify the little kids,” he says. “I can see it. … He’s going to stare at them and the kids will go ‘mommy that man is scaring me.’” He ends with another maniacal laugh.

“Nah. Really, I chose Bruce because he’s one of the best readers of jazz poetry anywhere.” It's that teacher thing kicking in. If you want to hook kids, give them the best. And so that’s exactly what Simon is doing.

Bruce will read from Wynton Marsalis's "Jazz: ABZ” and other children's books, accompanied by Larry Simon and Friends.

All joshin’ aside, those will be some lucky, lucky kids.

Yours in fun and arts
Gossip Lady.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Swimming Mad Man: Creek Man

Greetings Gossip Lover,

Nope that’s not the Creature from the Black Lagoon - though the Creature is this guy’s hero.

The man in black is of course Gary Sredzienski, accordionist extraordinaire, also known as Creek Man, Kittery, Maine’s, swimmer of frigid waters. DC snapped a picture of him heading to the creek for a few laps in preparation for Saturday’s benefit swim (January 31).

For the second year Gary is taking the plunge for a local charity, this time it’s a 4.5-mile “romp” for Seacoast Hospice, from Sagamore Creek in Portsmouth to the end of New Castle Island.

Gossip Lady checked in with Creek Man Thursday night to ask how he’d spend Friday, the day before taking to the coldest water in the lower 48. “Relaxing, totally relaxing,” he said. “I was going for one more experimental swim to try out a new neoprene sock, but I decided to skip it.” Instead Gary will put the fins up and chow down. His day’s menu will consist of steak, salmon, bananas, other fruit, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.

Next Thursday check out Gossip Lady’s Portsmouth Herald video,, when she takes you inside Gary’s, Kittery home. G Lady and DC check out the art, watch him suit up and find out what’s stashed in the cellar.
Join us!

Till then; Yours in Fun & Informative Chatter

Gossip Lady

Donate/sponsor to the swim at\

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A bucket of fun : )

Good Evening

Get a load of this! I'm not saying where I got it, but I will tell you that it's a pic of writer Michael Kimball - "Green Girls" and other novels, and numerous plays including "The Secret of Comedy" which premiered at the Players' Ring a few years ago.

This is Mike a day after arriving back in York, Maine, after a wild trip to NYC early this week. Nope not partying. He was there for a Monday reading of "Secret" at the Abingdon Theatre.

Alas he missed the matinee. He was otherwise occupied at the Lenox Hill Hospital ER, getting 3 liters of IV fluids and anti nausea meds pumped through his system. And you thought your bout with the stomach flu was a drag....

Anyway he did rally and made it to the 7 p.m. reading.

He's also feeling much better. This pic was snapped during a precautionary dip, not the real thing. (Bucket's a nice touch hum)?

You can find out what Michael is up to in next week's "Spotlight Gossip Column." Can't steal that McCartin woman's scoop - she can get so nasty. But I can say Kimball has a whole lot of stuff going on.

Your's in whatever fun comes my way
G. Lady

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hateful Little Cakes

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

So you're probably wondering who the hood in the hood is?

Well it is none other than nice guy, and Music Hall box-office-big-wig,
Chris Greiner.

To the right is the mild-mannered manager version. The hooded edition on your left is Greiner as a Hateful Little Cake.

May I pause here to say it again; Hateful Little Cakes. That has to be one of the best band names ever. LOVE it. Feel the rhythm on the tongue: Hateful Little Cakes.

Anyway, G Lady crashed HLC's rehearsal at its tiny, crammed, cold, room; rugs on the wall, wires snaking everywhere - by musician standards a palatial rehearsal space. The evening's beer of choice , scattered amongst the snaking cables : Geary's, Smuttynose and Pilsner Urqwell.

Alas intrepid videographer DC was unable to come along and tape, so you'll just have to take my word on this, the sound is great. Also enjoyable was listening to vocalist Peter Duschesne and guitarist Rob Braswell (Bobby to those near and dear), pull Chris's chain. Seems the two love telling people the band came in first in the RPM music challenge. Every time Pete says something like "we won hands down," "or we came in first" Chris visibly squirms, clearly afraid Pete will be quoted - and so he is. : )

Yes, yes, the point is RPM is NOT a competition, which is why Rob says (as Chris cringes) "That's why it's so awesome we DID win."

Chiming in on their top prize honors is Michael Palace, synthesizer and and the latest addition to the band Terry Palmer, on bass.

When not engaged in Chris ribbing there's lots of talk about timing - Pete's additional, unannounced moves - and generally who's doing what.

You can catch the boys at Riverrun Bookstore, tentatively April 11. Check the "Portsmouth Herald Spotlight" closer to the date.

Speaking of checking: have you seen Gossip Lady latest videos? This one is not for the sensitive flower, but definitely for the well humored. Gossip Lady and DC dropped in on John Breneman and Chris Elliott while they rehearsed for their "Humor Gazette" video series. See it at

All right then, off I go. Drop back in soon. I plan on popping in on Larry Simon this week to find out how things are going with Jazzmouth preparations.

Yours in good natured-gossip
G Lady

(Top two pics, Chris, pic to the left Pete, on right (L to R) Rob, Terry, Michael)

Monday, January 26, 2009

the warmth of the cute

Greetings Gossip Lovers,

Let me tell you of a lovely, bright spot in the midst of this midwinter season. Yes, that could be any art. But in this case I'm directing you to cute.

G Lady dropped in to ellO on State St. (that’s Portsmouth NH y’all), this weekend, desperate for a respite from a bitter cold, overcast day. I’d heard there was a new cuteness show of sugar-sweet proportions. Nothing like a good dose of warm and fuzzy to strike a blow at the blues I always say.

Alas, I was early. And instead of the “cute art” exhibition I found walls filled with harsh realities, (some very well done to be sure, but harsh), from its show “Death and Destruction.”

But fear not. ellO to the rescue! Just look at these knitted squid!

You can always count on ellO for a bit of cuteness peering out from some cubby - and they did not disappoint.

Better yet, I was able to sweet talk my way into the back room for a quick peek at some of the “cute art” early arrivals. No doubt about it, this one is a blues chaser! (Starts February 4).

So let me share art that's yet to come. Oh and by the by, don’t go looking for “Potty Mouse" (right in lower, left picture). Seacoast director/stage manager/actress Nicci Pilotte beat you – and me - to it.

But Bunnies and ballons! Please! What's not to love. And my personal favorite the bunny below. Grrr. Vicious thing.

Enjoy gossip lovers and drop back soon. Lot's to tell
Yours in good natured gossip.
G Lady.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello Gossip Lovers,

So, take a good look. Tell me - who wouldn’t want a piece of that, eh?

No really! I’m serious. Look close. Because under that doughy, bumpy body is the heart of a great artist. Don’t let that surface fool you my friend. True beauty lies beneath that onesie.

If you doubt my word look at the next photo, because he is him, – a few mere months ago.

Umhum. That lovely vision in longies is none other than one of the city’s most dashing and talented actors Blair Hundertmark; also a director, MC, so on and so forth. But let’s face it, he’s best known as that “good looking actor.” Not by yours truly of course, only because I would never be so shallow.

The top pic is Blair as Mr. Rich in New Hampshire Theatre Project’s current production of “Celebration.” Cute in his own way.

The second one is our guy as Father Brendan Flynn in “Doubt” the last NHTP production. With looks like that of course there’s bound to be scandal. Eat your heart out Philip Seymour Hoffman.

I’ve heard “Celebration” is a real winner. I’ll check it out this weekend and let you know.

Oh and all the fireworks “those in the know” were expecting out of NHTP? Never happened. I’m speaking of course of the unique arrangement: Hiring TWO Costume Designers for "Celebration." Not designer and associate. Two Designers.

Folks waiting for a flair-up were sorely disappointed. Maura Suter and Kathy Mason proved great collaborators. (Great job with Hundertmark. Remember he looks like Father Flynn in the flesh). Alas, the great cat-fight remains the thing of Hollywood and Broadway tales. We’re much too civilized here.

Yours in good-natured spin
G Lady

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peeking in at a rehearsal

Note to self: buy smelling salts before Seacoast Rep’s “Forever Plaid” opening.

Hello Gossip Lovers,

Well, I sat in on a Rep rehearsal last night – pre sound system set up - and let me tell you, it's a show not to be missed. It’s a veritable convergence- collision - commingling of colossal voices.

Truth be known, G Lady is not a fan of “Forever Plaid.” Sorry Stuart Ross; just not that in to it. BUT three voices in this version have long been among my favorites, making me at least a temporary fan.

Remember the guy, Craig Faulkner, that performed JC in “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Prescott Park a few years back and had people begging his blessings and an encore? And those two kids (about 4 years ago) who stole the park’s teen, pre show? There was the one with the “creatively arranged” red hair, Miles Burns, and the angelic-faced one, Joe Cooper; both with full, clear, God-gifted voices. Well they’re all in this!

Finally we get to actually HEAR them for more than 3 minutes.

And – be still my heart – they found the perfect complement bass, Seth Mrowka, a seacoast newcomer. Prepare to swoon!

Okay, so as is expected I snooped about a bit while checking out the rehearsal. So lean in and learn: Jim Girgenti is back as choreographer after a long hiatus. Where’s he been? Having triple bypass heart surgery, that’s where! Would I kid about such a thing? Never!

I heard him tell one of the actors “I decided to do this instead of cardiac rehab.” Ah the love of art.

Oh and get this: he has photos of himself having a heart attach – no lie! He insisted the friend who drove him to the Lawrence General snap them. See for yourself. I’ve included one here. (Like I wouldn’t go looking for those)!
Paul Erwin, another long-lost face, (the Rep and Park), is back after years away from the piano seat. This is the first time he’s played in a solid year. You’re going to think I’m making this up, but truth IS stranger than fiction. Paul has been sick as well: three months in the hospital, diabetic coma, lots of recovery. He’s back at the keys as if nothing ever happened.

Quite the crew eh? Oh, and then there was an accident during rehearsal! Faulkner was doing some wild arm moves that left Burns singing a bit higher than usual for a while.

The only other thing to report is I “accidentally” overheard a straight male (Hint: tool belt, staging, father), admit he was willing to “switch teams” if a certain redhead would as well.

Okay then. Said enough. Say no more. Almost too sordid for G lady - IF there were such a thing.

Well, drop back in soon. I’ll be hitting the town this weekend, see what else I can dig up.

Meanwhile check out a bit of “Plaid’s” rehearsal at Yours in the best of good-natured gossip
G Lady

Monday, January 12, 2009

Greetings Gossip Lovers

Okay folk, I'm entering the 21st century. I'll be doing the blog thing, starting tonight. Stay tuned for even more peeks behind the scene s, in addition to breaking news and just some observations on what's happening in our fair community.

I'd like to share my latest video with you (start this thing off right) : the 2008 round up, courtesy of DC, my intrepid videographer.

So, come on back! (and let me know if you hear of anything real juicy).

Gossip Lady

Click here 2008 Round Up